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Good game - great flaw!

The game is pretty good, nice gameplay, very funny and addicting.
Would give a 10/10, but there is a great flaw:
Fighting Doug is a pain in the ass!
It's almost impossible not to lose any ale to Doug, because he likes to appear when you are just filling in some ale for a customer or re-filling the bar keg.
So when you go back to the storage room, some of your ale is already gone.
Even worse: Doug moves faster than the jumping animation takes, so its frequently impossible to hit him!
And I still don't get the system, whether or not Doug drinks some of your ale. Sometimes he gets down in the keg like 3 times and doesn't drink any ale. Then he gets down there for like 1 milisec and drinks your ale..

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Pretty nice

First of all: I liked it!

There were some issues, though..
First thing: every time you press A while in air, you get the "Floating" medal.. It's kinda embarrassing..
Second, I was in the medication room where the time is counting down from 30 seconds to 0. I pressed pause because I had to interrupt but the time kept running out..

That's all I found so far!
The game is pretty fun!

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Nice idea!

I pretty much liked the idea and it was kinda tricky at the end!
But got 21/21 at first try though.

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Bezman responds:

Good going! You know your fruit!

Nice and addicting game with some little flaws..

Really loved the game but it was imho useless to have this many weapons, shields, armors and maybe spells.. I just bought the cheapest sword and shield and than had quickly enough money to buy the best ones.. So no need of all the others and that's a pity because you surely worked some time on all these items.
So my suggestion would be to make the player not getting too much money in too few time or increase the price of the better items.
Another thing is that the routes in the castle were a little too long.. Was a little annoying when I had to talk to the king or wanted to save.

But all in all great game! I'm hoping for another sequel!

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SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks :)
The reason why I made it so easy to aqcuire money fast, is simply because this is a flash game. I didnt think there would be many people who would want to spend a lot of time trying to make money, but I was wrong. Many people have complained about this, so I guess I'll remember that if I ever make another game like this :) And yeah, should have made locations closer to each other too.

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